Fun At Work Day!

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  • Have a theme for the day
  • Have everyone bring food to share
  • Plan a group outing
  • Two Words: Cube Warfare
  • Need Some Theme Ideas?

  • Blue Jean Day - Often combined with a fundraiser, employees can donate to "buy" the right to wear jeans.
  • Spirit Day - Wear clothes to show your spirit for your favorite team!
  • 70's / 80's / 90's Day - Have a blast from the past!
  • Exercise Day - Have fun and teach your employee's healthy and productive ways to exercise at their desks. See Exercise at your desk information
  • Hair day - Encourage interesting stylings and crazy wigs
  • Pajama Day - Wear your PJs to work - your fully covering PJs!
  • Tropical Day - You know you want to wear your floral print shirt right? Hand out a Lei to everyone! Mega Plastic Lei assortment (100 plastic flower leis)
  • Character Day - come in as your favorite TV / Book / Movie character - have an identification contest
  • Talent Day - Talent show time, you may be surprised at the hidden talents of your co-workers
  • Field Day - you loved it in shool right?